The Next Generation of Management Development...

Management and leadership development when and where you want it.  That’s the idea behind eManagement Academy, and it is infused into every program we offer. 

But convenience is only the start.  As the online division of Skill Track Inc., we also bring to the table three decades of world-class expertise in helping executives and managers at all levels to reach optimal levels of productivity — for themselves as well as those who report to them. 

For more than 20 years, some of America’s most renowned companies, institutions and organizations have trusted our founder, Ray Perry, to help them raise their performance bar through on-site coaching, speaking, and management courses and presentations.  Our clients’ results speak for themselves, and now that same expertise is available to you to absorb — at your own pace — in the privacy of your own home…or office…or vacation spot…or favorite coffee shop…wherever is convenient. 

Our Commitment…

Our number-one objective is to help you figure out how to simplify, fine-tune and optimize the way you lead other people.  From establishing a culture of accountability to improving project management and performance management, we want to help you quickly add to your knowledge base and skill set in a way that adapts to your schedule — not ours. 

We offer online coaching and training programs designed to strengthen your future management proficiency.  Our complimentary online courses and programs will provide you with the basics, while our premium programs will help you to develop your management competency further and faster than you realized is even possible.  

Our programs are designed not just to build your own confidence as a leader, but also to help you earn greater respect and credibility from your employees, colleagues, and most importantly, the people — including your boss — who control the trajectory of your career.

Because we understand that your success is tied to our own.  This shared commitment to excellence is one of the many ways that eManagementAcademy stands out among other training services.  We take great pride in our work, just as you do.  It’s not just a business procedure for us.  It’s the heart of everything we do.