Excellence in Management 5-Week Boot Camp and Coaching Program

Learn 26 secrets for building confidence and credibility as you lead, manage, and supervise other people.

Imagine if there were a much better way to lead, manage and supervise your employees – especially the ones who don’t consistently meet your performance expectations!  

Imagine an approach that gives you more control, confidence and credibility. An approach that gives you more time to work on your own stuff AND significantly reduces the headaches, heartburn and hassles you can experience as a leader. 

In this powerful program, performance-management expert Ray Perry will help you turn this wishful thinking into reality. He will share and help you to customize 26 proven, remarkably effective strategies he has developed from more than two decades of working with tens of thousands of leaders just like you.

And Ray personally will guide you step by step in laying the foundation for generating greater performance, morale and retention throughout your management career. 

During this program, you will learn...

  • How to leverage specific incentives to inspire your employees to become less dependent on you.
  • The biggest accountability mistake you can make with new employees, and the easiest way to avoid it.
  • Which principle is key for ensuring that an accountability culture takes root, sticks with and empowers employees to hold themselves accountable.

5-Week Bootcamp and Coaching Program

$597.00 USD